Qualitative Analytics 101:

How to use qualitative data to achieve actionable app insights

Get a running start on the mobile analytics movement 2019. Add qualitative analytics to your mobile app’s toolbox. By the end of this course you will be equipped with an arsenal of tactics and best practices that will enable you to understand your app and its users better than ever before.

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What’s Inside

Lesson #1

KPI Selection: Establishing the best goals for your app

End of Lesson Goal:
Understand and prioritize the most important KPIs for your app.

Lesson #2

The Pros and Cons of Quantitative Analytics

End of Lesson Goal:
Effectively recognize the capabilities and limitations of quantitative analytics for your app.

Lesson #3

Qualitative Analytics: Obtaining the full picture on your app

End of Lesson Goal:
Comprehend the functionality and benefits of qualitative analytics and how it differs from quantitative analytics.

Lesson #4

 The Quantitative-Qualitative Power Couple

End of Lesson Goal:
Efficiently combine the benefits of quantitative and qualitative analytics to extract the most actionable insights on your app.

Lesson #5

 Vertical Use Cases for Qualitative Analytics

End of Lesson Goal:
Obtain specific examples of how qualitative analytics serves particular app categories.

Lesson #6

 The Role of Qualitative Analytics in a Mobile App Team

End of Lesson Goal:
Perceive the permanent benefits of qualitative analytics for your business processes and position within your mobile app team.

A lot of our games have unique gestures which we simply can’t analyze with traditional analytics. We chose to work with Qualitative Analytics because their powerful touch heatmaps and user recordings allow us to actually see how gamers execute particular gestures.
Gordon Liu , Senior Program Manager, Netease Games
We use Qualitative Analytics to expertly assess and optimize Tripsta’s UI, from our search capabilities to our bookings log.Qualitative analytics helped us guarantee the utmost positive UX for our users- and our users couldn’t be happier!
Pantos Papazoglou, Mobile Product Manager, Tripsta
Qualitative Analytics helped us uncover distinct user behavior patterns, that we were not able to detect with any other tool. By leveraging these valuable insights, we were able to increase our app user invitations by 12%.
Tal Adler, Head of Demand Products, Gett
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